Saturday, February 8, 2014

Doesn't Smell Bad, Just Different and an Update

One of the products that I use, but don't love, is shampoo, so it was high on my list to try to make myself. After searching through recipes I attempted the first one this morning. I will admit that while I was in the shower I hated the feel of using the shampoo. My hair felt yucky and I was not impressed with the smell. I went ahead and blow dried it only to realize that it looked similar to my hair pre-wash.  I went in search of a second opinion. My husband had a look of fright when I asked him to sniff my hair. After a few minutes of quiet he said it didn't smell bad, just different. This is the equivalent of telling someone it "looks interesting".  He also mentioned that it looked like I needed to wash my hair. Complete pinfail. Yuck! No pictures, you are welcome!

Hubby will be helping me this afternoon give my little blog a facelift. Should the web grid go down, it wasn't us. Ahem. Hope to be back next week with a prettier blog, clean, sweet-smelling hair, and a little bit of organized closets and emergency preparedness stories.

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