Thursday, February 6, 2014


Our daughter, who will be called Peaches from here on out (this is not a name in her usual rotation so I felt it was safe, someone calling her this would probably be met with suspicion at best), seems to have a warped idea of what her dad does for a living. Hubby was flying a red eye flight home from South America and I told Peaches that he would be really tired when he got home since he was flying all night. She was very confused by this and asked why he didn't just turn the autopilot on so he could get some sleep. Not wanting to go into to much detail about pilots overshooting the Minneapolis airport and how this would be frowned upon by the FAA, I tried to explain that even with autopilot the pilots are still in the cockpit, wide awake. She then suggested that this should be a job for the co-pilot. Uh, Peaches...that would be Daddy.

After thinking about this some more she seemed very concerned about the state of his eyes when he got home? Would they be glowing red?

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