Thursday, February 6, 2014

Lives and Blogs Intersecting

Have you  noticed that trying to simplify things sometimes leads to more complications? I have added some blog posts from another blog I started but am going to blend into this one. Blend may not be the correct word, slam into this blog in a jarring fashion may be more apt. I apologize for the whiplash.

My plans for this blog are to document my attempts to try to lasso a bit of the chaos in our lives into a semblance of order. I am also trying to do it with a bit of humor. We are trying to lead a life that is more intentional, less consumer driven, a bit more self reliant and hopefully with a lighter footprint (which we need to do at home to offset my husbands very large carbon burn as a pilot.) As I started the other blog I wanted to make sure that it was not a place to bash my husband (or others) and that will also be true of this blog. Following this is the last post I am bringing over, but I feel it is appropriate here as well. After this, I will be back to hopefully a more cohesive feel to the blog.

As I start this blog there are many things running through my head of posts I want to write, various avenues I want to talk about and things I want to avoid. One of the few concrete ideas for this blog is what it is not, this will not be a platform for me to bash and be disrespectful to my husband. That is not the intent of this blog, sometimes the line between teasing and bashing becomes a little blurred and I welcome any comments should I need to change direction. My husband will also be able to tell his side or have me remove something. I may also be hard on the airlines and the Navy, but please understand, I am so thankful for what they do provide for us.

I am someone who thrives on order, routine and did I mention that I love lists? I like knowing that on Mondays my daughter has swim team, which days I have carpool, even what days I do various cleaning tasks. Neither the military or airlines seems to understand this need in me, or they just choose to disregard it (I keep telling my hubby he needs to talk to the big guys about this!). This blog is sort of my attempt to make something good out of the parts of my husband's career I don't like  too much. It is much easier to deal with an exploding water heater when I can think of it as more fodder for the blog rather than another mini-crisis to handle by myself. (Do you know how hard it is to try to get directions via text when you are standing in water?)

Okay, enough seriousness, just wanted to get my disclaimer out there!

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