Friday, February 21, 2014

Free Emergency Water Storage

The past three weeks have found us preparing for two different winter storms here in the suburbs of Atlanta. I am very thankful that I did not have to brave the grocery store lines to stock up on food and emergency water (it also helps being gluten and dairy free - no bread and milk runs here!)  When making the first strides into emergency preparedness expenses can really add up quickly. One of the most important items to keep on hand is a good storage of water. We have several commercially prepared bottles of water but still needed to build up our supply without breaking the bank.

The first thing I did was not novel by any means. Someone in this household may be trying to single-handedly keep coca-cola in business, no judging :). Rather than recycling all those 2-liter bottles, I rinse them with bleach and then refill the bottles with tap water. If we need this water for drinking at some point this water will be run through a filter so I am not terribly concerned with adding bleach or doing any additional means of purifying.

When I first started doing this I would remove the labels and try to make things look cuter. Now, they just get washed well and re-filled. Just using my "trash" gave us enough water storage for one day for our family and dogs. The next part is harder: finding homes for all this water!

Another method of "free" water storage I do is using my mason jars. I have a decent collection of jars and keep these filled with water between other uses. Should I need the jars for storing leftovers or hopefully canning one day, I just use the water to water the plants or other needs around the house and dry my jar. This is a little thing, but does give a good amount of extra water storage for absolutely no cost to me.

Hope this helps someone else just getting started in their preparedness. Does anyone else have some fun ideas they want to share?

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