Thursday, February 6, 2014

Handywoman in Training

I am now fairly confident that all mechanical appliances, or large objects that have the ability to spew water or other messy items, are completely tapped into my husband's travel schedule. When he is home most appliances behave and work as they should. I place food in the microwave, hit the amount of time I need, push start, and it works like a charm. My husband leaves the country and same microwave will not shut off when the door is open. I am now sporting a pretty good tan and hoping not to start glowing anytime soon.

Last trip my husband headed down to South America and all was well. The following morning I woke up, opened the garage door to go to church and low and behold we have a new, indoor swimming pool. This would be a great addition to our home provided all swimmers get the necessary tetanus shots before entering the pool and we no longer desire hot water for cleaning and bathing. A lot of money later, we now have hot water and a tankless water heater. There will be no more spewing water in my garage!

He is off on a trip now and the count is one new condenser motor for the A/C at our rental house and some repair work for the back screen door. Unfortunately, it is still early in his trip. The A/C repair was an easy fix for the HVAC man and I have to admit to some entertainment value with the screen door damage. We have a "phantom" screen door on the back of the house. For reasons unknown, our builder thought putting a 24" wide patio door on the back made sense (have you ever tried to carry a tray of food through a hobbit hole?) Our new dog is not familiar with the screen door and at 57 pounds managed to send that baby right off the tracks. The look on his face might have caused me to need to sit down due to laughter. The dog has recovered from the mishap, the screen door needs some serious rehabilitation or possibly last rites.

Do these things happen to others or did Murphy take a room in our house and not even bother to offer me rent money?

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