Sunday, February 2, 2014

Super Bowl Sunday

Super Bowl Sunday....another successful day in the kitchen, except for the sink which is patiently waiting for the dishes to be hand washed. Joy.

Sundays are actually a hard day to avoid eating out as our routine has been to hit the local BBQ place after church. Much to my daughter's disgust I held strong and we had leftover chicken fried rice for lunch. This may or may not have caused a small meltdown in the church parking lot. Ahem.

When we got home I used my favorite kitchen appliance and put hubby to work browning some ground turkey. He is not my appliance, but one of my favorites. Anyway, the turkey and other things were unceremoniously dumped into the crockpot to come out as chili this evening. (As an aside, why the heck are there crockpot recipes that require browning, using the stovetop, whatever?  The beauty of the crockpot is the ability to just dump things in and not babysit it.) Chili came out great. Sadly, we are Broncos fans so after that the evening has been pretty much a flop. We still love you Peyton!

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