Thursday, February 6, 2014

Hubby the Science Guy

Occasionally emergencies occur while Hubby is gone that are not my emergencies. We have a sweet, Italian lady who lives next door. Apparently there was some sort of cooking incident that seemingly permanently sealed a pot and lid. She called asking for assistance because my cooking skills are legend, ahem. After a quick call to my dad and now the fear that if there is air trapped inside that heating the pan could cause an explosion, I decided to do what any self-respecting person does in these instances, I googled and facebooked to see if anyone had any solutions. I finally decided that the safest solution, the one not involving explosions and the fear of sausage guts sprayed all over my kitchen, was icing the lid while giving the pot a hot spa treatment. All of this excitement was going on in the hours before Hubby was returning from a 3 week det (for the non-military, this is a long business trip) from Japan. The hours prior to his return there *might* be a flurry of cleaning and general clean up since the cat is returning and the mice have been playing....and now there are sausages visiting the spa on my kitchen counter.

A very jet-lagged Hubby walks in to see the hostages sausages on the counter and I'm sure immediately thinks this is just another example of my fine cooking skills. I explain the situation and he doesn't do much more than smile and nod and move on to other things. I am considering just buying my neighbor a new pot and pan and being done with the mess.

We go to bed and all is peaceful until about 5am when I am sure there has just been a gunshot downstairs. I went running downstairs (in hindsight this was probably not wise), and am confronted with the smell of death. Hubby looks at me with chagrin, but informs me that the hostages are now free but he thinks they might be bad. Uh, like I said, smell of death is in the air. Italian sausages that have been iced and cooled all day in a pan give off a smell similar to dead skunk.

Hubby quietly returns to bed with the understanding that tomorrow we will be making a list of approved QUIET activities for him to do while suffering from jetlag.

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