Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Get Your Shine On

Y'all had to sing that title didn't you?

We are blessed to have hardwoods on our first floor but after the snow storm and regular living with 2 dogs and a 9 year old the floors were looking a bit worse for wear. Of course, this might be because while I vacuum regularly they only see a mop on special occasions. I saw on Pinterest a lady had tried Holloway House products and they worked really well. This morning I dragged my hubby to Wallyworld and we picked up a bottle of cleaner and a bottle of quick shine and I've been bringing back the shine!

The pictures do not do the floors justice, but this worked awesome! They are shiny and extremely clean looking. I tried taking a picture of the line of what was done and not done but my photography skills are seriously lacking. Believe me, there is a very distinct line where I stopped. The floors just make me happy. They do not feel slick although I haven't let the dogs run on them yet. Jackson has difficulty on wood floors, so he may be ice skating later. Payback for the 3am barkathons Jackson! (Insert evil laughter)

The bottle says you can add multiple layers of shine, but this is just 1 coat, because, well, that was enough for me! It is also a dreary, rainy day here in Atlanta, but you can still see how shiny they got. Love!

This is the before shot. If you look in the lower part of he photo you can see it is pretty dull.


The pictures really do not show the difference. Inside it looks very shiny and bright. Anyone else fight with dull floors? How do you keep them clean?

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