Monday, February 24, 2014

Menu Plan Monday - Week of February 24

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My kitchen and I are starting to become friends. This is a miracle all by itself. I've done a great job cooking this past week and hope to be even more successful in the coming week. This is probably a "duh" thing, but I cannot get over how much money we have saved in the food budget. We have switched over to a cash envelope system and it is nearing the end of the pay period and I have quite a bit left in the food envelope. Woo hoo!

My dinners for the week are:

Whole chicken in the crock pot, sweet potatoes and a vegetable (not such which yet)
Porcupines, this was a regular meal when I was a kid. I use ground turkey as we are not a beef household, a side vegetable
Chicken and rice ranch soup, I cannot wait to try this one. We are gluten free so chicken and rice is our chicken noodle soup. The ranch twist sounds yummy!
Black beans and rice, an attempt at doing one meal a week meatless. My husband is not so enthused about this idea.
Chicken fried rice, I mix and match lots of recipes, sort of a clean out the fridge kind of thing for us
Vegetable "beef" soup in the slow cooker, we will use ground turkey instead. If I get industrious we will have brown rice bread with this.
Ranch chicken, by far my favorite! This is so easy and so yummy! My daughter even eats this up!

Did I mention how easy this is? Using a 9x13 baking dish, put 4 raw chicken breasts in the center. Throw some green beans on one side. Throw some potatoes on the other. Dot it with some butter. Shake some dry ranch mix over the top. Cover with foil. Cook at 350 for about an hour until the chicken is done.

You can easily change this around to your family's tastes. When I originally saw this recipe it called for Italian mix, we prefer ranch so I use ranch. We love green beans here, but I have used other vegetables depending on what I had on hand. I had a bag of mixed potatoes and used those the last time I made this. Another time I used a bag of frozen hash brown potatoes and that was great too. I make my own ranch mix to always have it on hand, we use it for lots of things, oddly, never to make ranch dressing.

For breakfasts we will be doing various oatmeal recipes and I'm going to try to make some muffins. I will post recipes if things come out well. I tried a steel cut oatmeal in the slow cooker last night and we can say it was a complete fail. I have oatmeal soup. Yuck!

I'm going to link this to Laura at for Menu Plan Monday.. If you are looking for some menu inspiration you will be able to find lots of fun menus and recipes.

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