Thursday, February 20, 2014

Everything in its place....linen closets

We moved into our current home a little over a year ago and I was blessed to have TWO linen closets. Our former house had zero, so this was very exciting for me (yes, I probably need to get out a bit more than I do.) I get asked a lot about how I organize things so here is a peek into my closets. The first closet is in my master bathroom. The other linen closet services the hall bathroom and guest bedroom.

This is the best attempt at getting the entire closet. I think it is pretty roomy. Yes, I love the sassy brass shower door. It is on the list, but not yet high on the list!

The top shelf is where I put "extras". The boxes are for toothbrushes, toothpaste, floss, soap, and lotion. I keep the mega bottle of hand sanitizer in here. We use it only if someone has contracted the plague or some other contagion, so it hangs out here with the masks.

This is where we keep our medicine. I separated things out according to types. I am OCD enough to have a checklist that includes expiration dates. This helps to make sure I have things in stock should we need something. I also write the expiration dates on the tops with a sharpie.

The next shelf is self-explanatory. It does appear I need to make a Sam's run for more TP though. You can NEVER have enough toilet paper.

My husband and I share this closet so these are our spare towels. We keep 4 towels, 4 washcloths, and 3 hand towels for our bathroom. I really don't know why there are only 3 hand towels, I'm guessing someone has gotten lost or is now a rag. This lack of symmetry may give me the twitches! The little toile box is a wonderful smelling bar of soap my sweet aunt sent me from Williamsburg.

The box holds all of our first aid supplies and the beach towels. Not really related, but they fit well on the shelf together :)  The floor space contains a scale, our fireproof safe (should any burglars be reading, this safe contains only documents and I don't think my marriage certificate or things like that have particular value to anyone but us should there be a fire!) and a heating pad.

I subscribe to the "you cannot organize clutter" school of thought and keep our linens pretty streamlined. We have one set of sheets and they are on the bed. I just wash them and put them back on the same day.

Sorry this is dark and a terrible shot. I am standing against a wall to get this far away. The door also looks spotty because I am now in about month 7 of painting all of the interior doors of the house. Worst. project. ever. Hate painting doors. The previous owner painted all of the doors black which looks great in houses with lots of natural light. We have lots of trees and it just made it looks like black holes everywhere.

Anyway....This closet holds extra blankets and the guest bed sheets on the top shelf. We keep 4 sets of towels for our daughter and guests. A bit more TP hiding up there. Pillows for the guest room. Our guest room is used as a playroom so has a pullout sofa which is why none of the pillows are on the bed!

That's it! I keep our rags in the laundry room and a container in the pantry. Table linens and cloth napkins are kept in the dining room. I used to have labels on all the shelves (my husband is impatiently waiting for me to return all the labels :) ) but I had been reorganizing things too often. This seems to be the final locations as they have remained for about 6 months.

Hope this helps someone trying to organize their closets. Anyone have some good tips?

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