Monday, February 3, 2014

Winner, winner, chicken dinner!

Move aside Betty Crocker, a new cook is here! Okay, maybe not. Do you think if I wore an apron I would be a better cook? Hmmm, something to ponder. What I have no talent for is taking pictures of food. There is clearly a secret to this that I do not know. Pinterest, here I come!

My favorite appliance was put to work again and with the proper directions. Open chicken wrapper, remove the gizzards (there may have been an "oh my goodness this is nasty dance" accompanying this), dump into slow cooker, put on the lid, push 6 hours and walk away! The house smelled fantastic and I did nothing else to it. My kind of cooking! I steamed a package of mixed veggies and heated some leftover rice and called it good.

On a negative note, have you noticed that foods coming out of the Slowcooker are not attractive?

Here's where I got crazy and earned my special apron. The chicken carcass was put right back into the slow cooker, I threw in a couple carrots that are willing to sacrifice for the cause, and filled the rest of the pot with water. Tomorrow morning I will have a large pot of homemade chicken broth and my kitchen will still smell yummy! How awesome is that! I feel like a foodie! My friends are snorting with laughter.

Anyway.....I am going to get crunchy tomorrow and try a recipe for homemade dishwasher detergent. We have been eliminating as many chemicals from our home as possible and I want to give this a try. There are many other DIY items on my list for me to get my mad scientist thing going. Either that or I may go hug a tree...friends, stop the laughter!

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